Bamboo Flooring FAQs 

As with any product you use on a project, you want to have confidence in the quality, durability and consistency of the bamboo flooring that you select. Here are some questions to ask as you search for the right bamboo product and the right bamboo source.

Is all bamboo flooring alike?

No. Although it may all look the same, quality from different manufacturers and suppliers will differ greatly. The quality of the finished product is highly dependent on the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacture of the flooring and also the manufacturing process itself.

It is for this reason that Style Plantation has spent a number of years building relationships directly with the manufacturers and suppliers, conducting random inspections of the production facilities and raw materials ensuring the highest quality is maintained at all times in the range of product on offer.

Download the useful Bamboo Buyers Guide Checklist to assist with helping make the right choice when purchasing a bamboo floor.

How hard is the bamboo?

Hardness is the main factor in durability. Bamboo flooring can be as soft as pine and harder than ironbark depending on the species of bamboo used and when it was harvested.

Style Plantation specifies only Moso bamboo for the production of the range of bamboo flooring we offer. The bamboo is harvested at maturity (5-1/2 to 6 years) when fibre density peaks. As a result, the Plantation conventional bamboo range compares favourably in terms of hardness with other select timbers used for flooring applications. Style Plantation's trademarked STYLEBOARD™ strand woven bamboo flooring is up to 30% percent harder than most timbers used for flooring applications.

What kind of finish is used?

A durable finish is the first line of defence for lasting beauty in wood floors. On Style Plantation's prefinished bamboo flooring products, our manufacturing partner/s use a water-based, solvent free, German finish with an aluminium oxide wear layer to boost abrasion resistance, plus two polyurethane topcoats for added protection. Developed with internationally known Klump or Treffert Coatings, the finish carries a 5-year Coating Warranty

Are CSI specifications or MSDS available?

Only a manufacturer can provide documentation to certify CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) specifications, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) or other legal specifications required by architects and other design professionals for commercial and government projects. The manufacturers and suppliers of all Style Plantation products, have made such documentation available, and it is conveniently available in the download section on this website.

Is product readily available?

Style Plantation maintains supplemental inventory which can be ordered directly from our warehouse, or anyone of our showrooms. At worst, allow for 8 weeks from date of order, if the product you have selected is not readily available at the time you oplace your order. As part of the service we offer we are also able to co-ordinate all freight/transport requirements to get the product to you.

What coordinating products are available?

Style Plantation is one of only a few Australian based companies that provides a full spectrum of coordinating flooring, stair parts, reducers, veneer, edge strips and bamboo furniture board panels/sheets to help you complete your design.

Does it matter who I buy from?

Yes. The bamboo flooring market is very competitive and relatively easy to enter. Be sure to investigate all options to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable company that offers not just a great price and a wide variety of coordinating products, but can also provide product specification data sheets and manufacturing information, as well as good warranties, sound installation practices and prompt technical support services.

Is it the same cost as timber flooring?

Bamboo Flooring compares favourably against traditional timbers like Black Butt, Jarrah and Tasmanian Oak. Retailing as a finished product fully installed from $99/sqm for a floating floor system to around $120/sqm mark for a direct stick installation. Whereas most other timbers used for floor boards still need to be sanded and coated and retail around $150 - $200 / sqm.

What happens if it scratches -can it be sanded back and polished?

Bamboo flooring like any other timber product, will scratch if not looked after properly.

There are a range of cleaning and maintenance products to cover minor scratches, specially formulated for bamboo and timber floors, available from FLOOR 'n ALL  

Surface scratches can be polished or if deep can be sanded or the boards can be replaced.

Why don't we grow bamboo in Australia?

The bamboo species we use for our Style Board is Phyllostachys Pubescens (common name: Moso) harvested at maturity at 5 ½ years for maximum stability and hardness and grows prolifically in China. The climate in China is ideal for the growth of this particular species.

What about the glue used to stick the floorboards down - is that toxic?

Style Plantation is well aware of the impact that adhesive products have on the environment, and for this reason we have elected to use product/s manufactured by Sika called T55 and T53 which is manufactured in accordance with international environmental standards and is also accredited with the Green Star Office Design V2 IEQ-13, Green Star Office Design V3 IEQ-13 and Green Star Office Interiors V1.1 IEQ-11 by the Green Building Council of Australia

Can you install staircase systems?

Yes. Style Plantation offer a full installation service of both flooring and open and closed staircase systems

Are you not destroying natural habitat and food source of Pandas?

Some people have expressed concern that the natural habitat and food supply of Pandas will be harmed by bamboo product manufacture. The species of bamboo used for our products (Mao or Moso bamboo) is very different to that sought by Pandas and manufacture of our products has no negative impact on the Pandas environment.

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