Floor coverings make up a significant part of the overall costs when building, refurbishing or renovating.

Apart from choosing the right flooring for the intended application, it is also important that one considers the best installation practices to ensure that the end result is of a standard that will last.

Bamboo Floors is a choice well worth exploring when considering flooring options.

Style Plantation Melbourne based bamboo floors Melbourne specialist, carry a wide range of bamboo and timber flooring and offer the most comprehensive bamboo floors installation method available to the market.

There are no short-cuts or “cheap” options when installing a bamboo or timber floors. Style Plantation Melbourne, only use premium quality SIKA adhesives, SIKA moisture barriers and Dunlop Flooring underlays, for a superior bamboo floor or timber installation.

The installation options available are a choice between a direct stick method and a floating floor system. This simply means the bamboo floors Melbourne can either be stuck to the sub-floor with glue or it can float on top of the sub-floor without any kind of attachment to the sub-floor itself.

There are two systems available in the bamboo floors Melbourne range i.e. tongue and groove and the Uniclic interlocking mechanism:

  • Tongue and groove or commonly known as T&G, is a method of fitting the bamboo floor or hardwood timber floorboards together, edge-to-edge. Each piece has a groove cut all along one edge, and a thin, deep ridge, which is the tongue, on the opposite edge. The tongue and groove system is designed to be stuck down onto the subfloor structure. It is not designed to be installed as a floating floor, simply because the boards do not lock into one another. This type of flooring is considered a more permanent type of floor.
  • In the case of the patented Uniclic interlocking system, the bamboo boards have a locking mechanism which locks the boards into place side by side, and are also end matched, which means the floor boards lock into one another on all sides. This system ensures a fast, glue-less and gap-free installation method.

With proper subfloor preparation, bamboo floors Melbourne can be installed directly over concrete slabs, timber or ply and can also be laid over existing flat floor tiles.

The bamboo floor boards are ready to be installed when they arrive in Australia. They are pre-finished with a number of layers of solvent free, hardwearing, UV cured, scratch-resistant Polyurethane coatings (Treffert® Nature).

The installation process is quick, and because the boards are prefinished you are not required to move out as there are no fumes or emissions usually associated with installing a traditional hardwood floor that may need to be sanded and finished on site. Best of all, the bamboo floors Melbourne can be walked on same-day after being installed.

Style Plantation Melbourne offers no obligation, onsite or off plan measure & quote service.

Call 1300 66 8949 to discuss your requirements or to arrange for a Melbourne Bamboo Flooring Consultant to visit you home, office or business.

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