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Did you know that there are different varieties or species of bamboo plant? And that each of these lends itself to a particular useful purpose in our daily lives?

Some of these varieties of bamboo are best used as floor boards, some as ornaments, natural screens, some are edible and that the shoots can be eaten.

To help you distinguish the different varieties we listed down some of the more popular and fast growing species, while this may not be the definitive list, it’s a glimpse into what this giant grass has to offer, oh by the way, the last species I included belongs to the rarest variety. We also tagged them according to their most distinguishing feature.

Here’s our list:

Cold-sensitive Clumping bamboos for mild climates

Good choices for large clumping bamboo grown in hot, or humid climates. This includes the Bambusa genus, Borinda and Chusquea. These species can thrive to a climate that is about +25º F. While the Himalayacalamus specie require cool, mild climates to thrive.bamboo1

This bamboo variety is an ideal container plant. They are the best bamboo variety for a well lit area indoors. They are an excellent choice for a privacy screen where a clumping bamboo is desired.

Clumping Bamboo

Clumping bamboo form a tight bunch of mildly curving culms extending from a comparatively small root mass. Each underground bud pushes upward forming culms, and do not become long running rhizomes.

Instead, clumping bamboos grow outward in a ball-shaped formation at a rate of 2 to 12 inches per year. Canopy growth is also a bit slow, usually gaining a couple feet of height and width every year. Height range at maturity is between 10 and 20 feet for most species.

This variety is a good choice for creating natural narrow screen, being taller, more upright, and more robust than the rest.

Timber Bamboo ( Moso )

The largest bamboo for temperate climate, some of which can grow up to 40 feet tall and close to 6 inches in diameter.

These are what the experts consider to be the embodiment of a true bamboo –a giant grass capable of forming beautiful, open groves. Distinctive characteristics include impressively tall, robust culms with a pair of branches at each node.bamboo2

The trunk of this species after under going the manufacturing process produces one of the most durable and long-lasting wood flooring product. Not to mention that it is superbly exotic looking as well as nature-friendly.

Mid-sized Running Bamboo

These are strong, spirited, and by and large fast-spreading bamboos which can hold up to the heat, cold, and drought that we often experience in our immense and varied climate. Thick, woody canes (1-2 inches in diameter) with lush, evergreen canopies. Ideal for decorative privacy screens.

Rare and Collectible Bamboo

While most species of bamboo can be found on several continents, some, like those that belong here are rare and hard to find in the wild.bamboo4

Some of these rare types have trunks that are coated in beautiful bluish wax. Then as the plant age, the culms turn yellow and the wax wears off. (Borinda albocerea)

So there you go, while there are still a couple of bamboo species that were not mentioned, I’ll leave those for you bamboo enthusiasts to figure out.

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