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Wood has been part of our history as far as industrial usage is concern, and bamboo isn’t normally on the short list for that purpose.
Is bamboo second rate then? Is it useful for only a limited predetermined number of uses around the world?

Let us find out

As far as wood sustainability is concerned, the fast growing variety is the better option. The quicker a tree develops the sooner it matures and can be utilized as a natural resource.

The primary issue with tree planting programs, particularly for hardwood trees, for example Oak, is that they take a lot of years to grow and mature, no less than 40 to 50 years if not longer.

With regards to how quick a specific kind of tree develops, ecological conditions and the region of the tree can have a quantifiable effect.

A tree that is developing in a perfect area, under perfect conditions, will grow faster and achieve maturity faster than a tree of similar types that is developing in less ideal conditions.

To clear up for those that are claim that Bamboo isn’t a tree, and for those that didn’t have an inkling, Bamboos are a sub-group of flowering perennial evergreen plants in the grass family.

Yet, despite the fact that they are not entirely a tree in the very sense of the word, numerous types of bamboo still develop to create a very usable hardwood alternative.

So where does Bamboo fit into the overall picture? Bamboo is the quickest growing plants on the planet with a few types of bamboo growing as much as 92cm, around 3 feet, in 24-hours, a rate of nearly 4cm (1.5 inches) an hour or around one inch at regular intervals.

With the ideal reaping period thought to associate with 5 to 6 years, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why the ubiquity and interest for Bamboo has expanded such a great amount in the most recent history.

Bamboo, similar to hardwood, is characteristic a composite material with a high quality to-weight proportion helpful for structures.

Bamboo Uses

Bamboo Flooring

The prominence of Bamboo flooring has expanded massively over late years and is presently a booming business.
There’s no denying that it’s down to earth and ideal for commercial establishments such as hospitals restaurants and others.

Aside from flooring, Bamboo is being used for an entire host of other building and development materials including Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), wooden pillars, molecule board, finish, moldings and many more.

Paper Products

Like conventional woods, Bamboo is likewise utilized for an extensive variety of paper items including paper, cardboard, can tissue and espresso channels to name yet only a couple.
Textile Industry

Bamboo cotton blend is an exceptionally successful hostile to bacterial mix that is more hydrophilic than cotton and spongier.

Bamboo is utilized as a part of a gigantic scope of materials from bedding to nappies, cleaning fabrics to socks. Bamboo is more breathable and more retentive than cotton and dries about as fast.

There is developing interest and request in Bamboo dress with providers, for example, BAM Clothing offering a full scope of men’s, ladies’ and kids’ attire produced using this unfathomable plant.


Bamboo is likewise utilized as a part of the Bioenergy business for flame as Bamboo charcoal, fire briquettes, pellets and in the generation of Biofuels.

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