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The name blackbutt came to fruition because of the tree’s appearance after bushfire, whereby the support – or butt – was altogether obscured. It is otherwise called coastal blackbutt to recognize it from the tableland species, New England blackbutt.

Because of its fast development and flexibility, blackbutt makes a good choice for timber. It is a usually a readily available hardwood species in New South Wales and southern Queensland, frequently utilized for building framework.

Black butt Subspecies

The heartwood ranges from brilliant yellow to pale cocoa, albeit every so often a slight pinkish shading might be available.

The sapwood, which is not generally simple to recognize, is much paler in appearance and is impervious to assault by lyctid borer. Blackbutt has an even surface and by and large straight grain making it engaging for inside utilize applications.


Blackbutt can be recolored, painted or cleaned however there can be issues with painting on account of its inclination to surface check.

The high extractives of develop wood can bring about issues with a few cements, however this is a great deal less of an issue with youthful regrowth wood.

These extractives can likewise bring about recoloring on painted surfaces presented to the climate. Blackbutt timber however is not out of the question for steam bowing.

Blackbutt gives great resistance to fire and is one of seven hardwood timber species that was observed to be an excellent by the Building Commission in Victoria for home development in bushfire territories (if it has a thickness more prominent than 18mm).

A solid, sturdy hardwood, blackbutt can be utilized for a scope of auxiliary, outside and inside applications including system, decking, ground surface and shafts.

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