engineered hardwood flooringHow to Clean Engineered Hardwood Flooring

When you have Engineered hardwood floors installed, this is a major purchase and you want to make sure that you keep your hardwood floors clean and as nice looking as the day you had them installed.

Hardwood takes a special treatment, so it’s vital you know how these types of floors are best cleaned.

The first thing that you need to make sure that you have on hand is a fine soft bristle broom with which to sweep your floors. You do not want to use the type of brooms with the stiff bristles as it may scratch your floor. You can vacuum once or twice a week, but make sure that the brushes on the bottom of the vacuum are not scratching the floor.

Water is a hardwood floors worst nightmare, especially if there is a lot of it, so if there is a spill of water on the floor, wipe it up right away with a wet/dry vacuum or soft towel. Make sure that the floor is completely dry.

If you do need to mop your hardwood floor, make sure that you use a dry damp mop, not one that is soaking wet. The reason is that excess water can get into the seams and ruin the floor.

If you have any small throw rugs or runners on your hardwood floor, make sure that you vacuum them at least every other day so any dirt on the rugs does not filter down through the weave in the rug and scratch the floor underneath.

To keep your floor clean, you might consider a rug at the entrances to the outside doors so you can leave your dirty shoes there instead of tracking dirt across your hardwood floors.

When you damp mop your floor, if it is just not getting rid of the grease and grime, you can add a little white vinegar / mentholated spirits to the mop water.

You do have to be careful about accidental staining so it is imperative that if you spill coffee, juice, wine, or ink, try to pick it up with a damp rag or damp paper towel. Be careful that when you are wiping it up you are not accidentally scrubbing it into the floor.

If you notice that there is a stain once you have wiped it up, you can rub the area gently with a nylon scrubber, but do not forcibly scrub the stain. This nylon scrubber will also help to get rid of scruff marks. To get crayon smears off your hardwood floor, you may have to use a little mineral spirits or tooth paste.