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Composite Decking

Introducing composite decking by Style Plantation.

Composite Decking is the newest innovation in stylish outdoor decking. The newly developed product is an environmentally friendly composite decking made from non-virgin wood and recycled plastic. Composite Decking looks and feels like wood but does not rot, warp, splinter and is highly termite resistant making it the perfect decking for all areas, wet or dry.composite-decking-colour-range

The Natural Grain Collection is available in four unique colours: Sahara (orange/brown), Black Bean (brown/black), Jarrah (red/brown) and Silver Gum (silver/grey).

Style Plantation offers a ten year guarantee against rotting, warping, splitting and cracking when composite decking is installed and used as per our recommendations.

What is Composite Decking ?

Composite decking is a composite product made essentially from a mixture of ground sawdust (also known as woodflour) and recycled plastic (we actually use recycled plastic milk bottles). It contains over 50% wood (the sawdust), recycled plastic, and the balance being additives, stabilisers, bonding agents, pigments etc.


  • It won't rot
  • It wont warp
  • It will not warp or buckle under the harshest of suns.
  • It wont splinter.
  • No staining or painting required
  • Has a high degree of UV stability with a modern, multi-functional UV stabilisation system.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Termite resistant (tested by the CSIRO)
  • Available in textured "timber-like" finish and providing an excellent non-slip feel.
  • Ideal in a marine environment, as is unaffected by the salt air.
  • Relatively maintenance free.
  • Quite resistant to mould

Ten year limited guarantee against rotting, warping, splitting and cracking caused by environmental factors when installed and used as per our recommendations.

Composite Decking Board - Sized 88 x 23mm, standard lengths 5.4m

This decking is stylish, versatile and easy to install. Whether you have a deck, entertaining platform or pool and spa area, composite decking adds definite style and sophistication which is long wearing, safe and eco-friendly. Our decking is safe for children as it is splinter free and has a low slip surface which actually gets less slippery when wet.

Our standard decking board suitable for most residential decking applications (not recommended for commercial applications) in moderate climates, provided adequate ventilation is available. Able to span up to 400mm on joist centres, the hollow section board looks great for years to come.

Composite Decking board solid section

Whether used in the tropics or the snow, our solid section board is specially formulated for higher strength and superior moisture-resistant properties. This allows us to span up to 450mm joist centres in residential applications (400mm in commercial applications) and be used in lower ventilation areas than applicable with the hollow board (including areas where product is fixed on battens over concrete).