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Our new WOODLAND™ Strandwoven EUCALYPTUS flooring range, is set to completely redefine everything you knew about solid hardwood flooring.

This EUCALYPTUS flooring is an exciting new collection which transforms previously unknown or sensitive wood species into an innovative range of premium quality environmentally friendly flooring.

The WOODLAND™ Strandwoven EUCALYPTUS flooring collection, captures the character and charm of the original wood grain in a unique and contemporary visual. With beautiful rustic features, each board is an original masterpiece guaranteed to bring warmth and exclusivity into any interior and delight designers, architects and homeowners alike.

EUCALYPT FlooringUsing only fast growing and sustainable species to minimize the impact on the environment, our WOODLAND™ Strandwoven EUCALYPTUS collection, is excellent for both residential and commercial applications due to its exceptional hardness and indentation resistance.

Our manufacturing process known as the strand woven technique, combines science with hydraulic technology to compress the original timber to 3 times its original density creating an extremely hard and durable material measuring over 12.5kN on the Janka scale.

In addition, this EUCALYPTUS flooring range is finished with the market leading Treffert coating which preserves the natural texture of the timber, and gives the solid floor a warm and comforting feeling underfoot. Combining a low sheen oiled appearance with high traffic durability of a UV lacquer.

The real beauty of the WOODLAND™ Strandwoven EUCALYPTUS flooring collection, lies not only in its exciting visuals and extraordinary performance, but in its value for money. With the WOODLAND™ Strandwoven EUCALYPTUS flooring, you get a solid and permanent flooring solution which meets or surpasses the hardness and stability of old growth tropical hardwoods, but at a fraction of the price.

Available with the easy to install Uniclic® floating floor lock system, and an excellent limited warranty, the applications for this unique product are endless.

Key Features:

• Unique and contemporary visual with beautiful rustic features

• Extremely hard and durable with excellent indentation resistance

• Exceeds performance of most old growth tropical hardwoods at a fraction of the price

• Made from a fast growing sustainable species

• Solid timber product excellent for high traffic commercial application

• Premium quality Treffert coatings for easy cleaning and maintenance

• R10 Slip resistance rating

• Solid boards can be resanded and refinished

• Excellent Limited Product Warranty


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