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Formica Supergloss Flooring

Formica Supergloss Flooring represents these latest innovation in ecologically friendly floating timber flooring. It's unique and patented manufacturing process ensures that this Forma-Lock™ floating floor system is as quick, easy and cost-effective to lay as laminate flooring yet adds the realism of real timber that cannot be achieved in the same way with laminates. Using low emission (E0), moisture resistant high-density fibre substrate and ten layers of UV cured lacquer this high gloss flooring is many times harder wearing than real timber, with wood grain looks as realistic as any solid timber floor at a fraction of the cost. The flooring is available in three replica species - Spotted Gum, Brush Box and Dark Maple. Formica Supergloss' hard wearing characteristics make it suitable for both residential and commercial use and it comes with a 5 year commercial and 30 year limited residential warranty!

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I clean a Formica Supergloss Floor?

As the lacquered surface is completely non-porous, dirt and grime sits on the floor rather than becoming ingrained. Simply use a micro-fibre mop for regular cleaning or a very lightly damp sponge to spot clean. Wet mops or steam mops should NOT be used but why would you want to? Why add water to dirt to create a film of grime when you can simply lift dirt quickly and easily with a micro fibre mop?

Unika Zip Clean can be used to help lift stubborn marks and give the surface a real sheen.

  • How is the flooring laid ?

These floor boards are simply laid by locking one board into the next over a moisture resistant underlay. There is no need to use any adhesives in the process. The boards lock together and float over the sub-floor. With the floor being laid without the need to adhere it to the sub-floor or adhere the boards to each other the installation process is extremely quick and more importantly, as the floor does not need to be sealed it can be walked on immediately once it has been laid.

  • Can I sand and re-finish Formica Supergloss Flooring?

No. The floor cannot be sanded but it is much harder wearing than solid or veneer timber and typically has a much higher density making Formica Supergloss Flooring extremely strong giving it excellent longevity. If you do damage a board significantly then that board can simply be cut out and replaced with another rather than sanding and re-coating the whole floor. No more waiting days between coats as you would re-finishing a timber floor.

  • How does Formica Supergloss differ from laminate flooring ?

Laminate floors use decorative paper that is laminated to an MDF or HDF substrate to achieve the decorative surface. Due to the limitations inherent in paper sizing the patterns repeat regularly with laminate floors giving them a very consistent look. However, Formica Supergloss uses a unique direct-to-board print technology that allows far greater pattern variation over many floor boards to achieve the real colour and grain variation synonymous with real timber yet the density of the fibre board substrate and the multiple lacquer coatings give it the same strength and high wear resistance of a laminate floor.

  • Do I need to use an underlay with Formica Supergloss Flooring ?

Yes, a moisture barrier protecting the substrate from any moisture that may come through the sub-floor is very important. We highly recommend a foil laminated foam underlay for total protection.

  • How is Formica Supergloss ecologically friendly ?

Formica Supergloss is manufactured without the use of PVC or chlorine and the high density fibre board substrate is rated E0 for formaldehyde emissions. More importantly the print technology of Supergloss renders the cutting down of natural timber veneers obsolete. The realistic look of real timber is created by printing a very large image of a real timber over a large expanse of many HDF boards that has been made from sustainably managed forests.

  • How is Formica Supergloss good for my allergies?

With such a hard and impregnable surface this product is perfect for those that suffer from allergies. This floor is easily cleaned and won't trap dust or harbour mites or other allergens.

The fact that there is no sanding or coating required once flooring is laid also translates into health benefits to those installing the floor or living with it post installation.