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Glosswood Prefinished Lining Boards are Australian made, innovative and easy to install. And, yes, they do come completely finished off and ready for installation (with a V-joint tongue-and-groove profile). That means no sanding, painting, varnishing or tricky carpentry work. They are coated or stained on all four sides to help stabilise and protect against moisture, and have wonderful properties to protect against termites and rot. You can easily install them in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern (just cut to length, prepare the surface and install). It’s a quick, quality solution for a new-look interior or alfresco.

With a wide range of natural and designer colours, the timber lining boards offer myriad architectural and decorator possibilities. Wrap over a ceiling and wall to create a strong design statement; line a wall behind your bed as an alternative to a bedhead; use the Distressed White on ceiling and walls for a beach house look or use White Gloss for a Hamptons feel; clad your bench; create a feature. The ideas and design possibilities are endless.

The lining boards are available in widths from 90mm (9mm thick) to 130mm (10mm thick) and lengths from 2.4 and 3.6 metres. Trims and mouldings are available for a professional finish. Choose from the extensive colour options in the UV Range (satin finish) and Matte Range (matte finish).

  • Pre-Finished - Ready to install
  • Solid timber with natural grain
  • Lightweight - Ideal for ceilings
  • No sanding or varnishing
  • UV Coated - Durable Finish
  • Moisture Resistant - Sealed on all sides
  • Easy installation
  • Sustainable plantation timber
  • Termite resistant

Paulownia - Something about the timber:

Paulownia, is a lightweight plantation-grown hardwood (native to Asia) that is considered to be one of the fastest growing trees on the planet. It can grow up to two metres a year, so can be harvested at 10-12 years (pine is harvested at 20 years, jarrah at 70 years) and can reshoot up to six times before replanting is needed.

Paulownia timber’s appearance closely resembles American ash. It is highly regarded for its grain and natural glossy surface (like spun silk). A white wood with minimal knots, it is perfect for coating or staining to create natural wood colours and designer hues with a wonderful grain showthrough. Compared in weight to between balsa and poplar, it has a high strength-to-weight ratio (260-290kg/ m3), making it lighter and stronger than almost any other construction timber and a great timber to work with from machining to installation.

Glosswood had its prefinished lining boards CSIRO fire rating tested and termite tested (by WA-based Australian expert Dr Armand Zurhaar), discovering that paulownia as a lining board product is less attractive to termites than pine or jarrah. It’s also well known that the wood has excellent acoustic characteristics.

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