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Like it or not, Spotted gum is indeed a superior Australian hardwood timber, useful for an extensive variety of end uses, over a multitude of utilisation – both for auxiliary and appearance applications.

Sawn and engineered spotted gum timber is easily accessible and this specie has the highest volume of preference with regards to commercial use compared to any hardwood specie in Queensland.

Spotted Gum Tree Description

Spotted gum develops to a height of above 45 meters in stature and 1.3 meters in distance across and has great frame (straightness), even on not so ideal sites or ground conditions. A smooth-barked (‘gum’) variety, the tree’s propensity for shedding bark in patches lend credence to its popular trade name.


A scope of hues is accessible from spotted gum timbers, depending on where the the source forest is. The heartwood sub-specie ranges from a light-chestnut through clear tans to dark red-cocoa tones. Sapwood is white to light-chestnut in shading and can be up to 50 mm wide.

Spotted gum is a decently coarse and uneven finished wood. Some material incorporates the extra elements of wavy grain, offering ascend to appealing fiddle-back figure, and gum (kino) veins.

The wood has a somewhat oily feel, a trademark which helps facilitate machining and boring quite effortlessly.


Spotted gum has a long history of utilization in building applications, for example, wharf and bridges
assembling, railroad sleepers, cross-arms, and mining timbers.

Spotted gum is applicable for all building members from posts and shafts, surrounding, flooring, lining, decking and cladding.

For sawn and round applications, spotted gum is appropriate for manufacturing veneer and plywood.

It is utilized as a part of boat-building (planking, bulkhead sheathing, steam-bent, bulkhead outlines, motor beds, keels, stern posts, decking, framing, poles and spars) and is the essential Australian timber utilized for instrument and handles subject to high effect strengths ( hammers, etches, mattocks, scoops, axes and picks). It is additionally utilized for polo sticks and diving boards.

Contrasted with other Australian hardwoods, spotted gum is a minimal staining timber, being less inclined to seep through of tannins than different species. Spotted gum is an appropriate cutting and wood turning timber.

Spotted gum is great for both indoor and outdoor furniture manufacture. Outdoor furniture in spotted gum has reliably won industry awards in Australia and it is exported to a lot of destinations around the globe. You can browse our product gallery section to view different spotted gum wood flooring products.

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