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Style Plantation in South Brisbane has now chosen and introduced a range of EUROPEAN OAK to compliment the range of bamboo flooring.

The new exciting Oak range comes in diverse styles, designs and size’s from rustic grains to the traditional natural Oak flooring.

In the colour range the stains vary from light lime washes to the dark chocolates, giving you a choice that will blend in with any décor and colour schemes within the home.

Engineered Oak floors add a sense of beauty and warmth to your home while dramatically adding value of your home when re-selling.

Another advantage of oak flooring is its durability stability and ease to clean and keep its beauty for years.
With only minimal maintenance, oak resists damage but in the case of needed repairs, the engineered floors are easy to fix.

The Oak engineered boards are manufactured with several layers of Birch and Fir cross plywood, with an upper layer between 4mm to 6mm thick.

The cross ply structure of Engineered Timber Flooring gives strength and stability which has many advantages and counteracts the problems often encountered with flooring cupping and tenting at the sign of moisture.

Engineered floors are suitable for all rooms in a home except for bathrooms and laundries and go well with the flow through from lounges or dining/family areas into the kitchen creating a feeling of a larger space.

They can be laid in various ways, but the most common and popular is to float the floor on a moisture resistance underlay.

This method is much easier, less messy, quicker and therefore cheaper than direct sticking or nailing.
Engineered oak flooring is all pre finished which means that they can be walked on immediately after completing the installation.

With the proper care and maintenance, your engineered oak timber floors will last a lifetime.

Oak floors are extremely fashionable are trending at the moment adding real value to any home.

Real Estate agents claim that – “homes with new timber floors provides a warm, attractive appearance that improves the value of your home and sells twice as easily as those without”.

Engineered Oak flooring comes in various sizes from a 190mm to a 300mm width, available in countless colors to suit any décor and application.

Oak flooring is dense and sturdy, making it an excellent shock-absorber to walk on.

Oak floors are easy to maintain and are far more hygienic than carpeted rooms and for allergy sufferers, oak flooring provides another important advantage as it does not gather dust and they are easily cleaned.

Asthma sufferers can find similar relief by choosing oak flooring over carpeting.

As a renewable resource, Oak also provides an environmentally friendly flooring material, as more energy is required to manufacture flooring made from synthetic materials.


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