oak engineered flooringOak is a popular choice when it comes to home flooring ideas, for many years this durable hardwood that can last any wear and tear, and is been used in building and construction designs world wide.

Unlike other wood floors, oak flooring improves as it ages and it also blends easily with any type of furniture and interior designs making it very sort after among home owners and designers.

Oak Floors comes in a variety of colours and designs from a light lime wash through to a dark chocolate colour and from contemporary to an old antique look. No wonder, this type of flooring has been around for centuries.

Aside from its beauty, quality and durability, this type of home flooring is considered a great investment because it increases the value of a home by bringing warmth into each room as well as the ease of cleaning.

Engineered oak floors are very affordable without a very steep price tag associated with solid timber floors. This comes about due to today’s architectural and technological advancements in the manufacturing process of the engineered floors.

Every home owner can now have oak flooring at a price and they can afford and meet the new trends in interior designing by opting to use “engineered oak flooring”.

The difference of engineered oak flooring from the usual solid oak flooring lies on the structure of its floorboards. Oak engineered floors have a top layer of 4mm to 6mm made from high grade oak and different layers of timber plywood underneath.

The oak wood is placed as the top layer supported by plywood layers all cross glued together making it very stable and suitable to be used as a floating floor.

Aside from its affordability, another great aspect this type of flooring is it comes in standard lengths packed into one to two square meteres to a box, thus making it easy to transport, stack, store and the huge advantage for easy installation.

Moreover, oak engineered floorings can resist cold and hot temperatures unlike natural solid oak flooring which contracts in cold conditions and expands in hot conditions very.

This type of flooring can also be easily installed by the homeowners themselves saving them more money in labour costs. With this type of home flooring, everyone can now enjoy the luxury of owning a natural wood oak floor by enhancing the look of your home without worrying about ever over capitalising.

An Oak Engineered Flooring is a great investment for budget friendly folks and is a good choice for home designers as well.