benefits of bamboo flooring

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

  • Environmentally sustainable – Bamboo Flooring is an attractive and viable alternative to hardwood floors, derived from the forests of a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly and rapidly growing renewable resource.
  • Easy installation – Style Plantation products are pre-finished and capable of being quickly installed ready for use with minimal disruption.
  • Coupled with its price advantage, bamboo floors are creating significant interest for their aesthetics and other performance qualities over existing hard wood alternatives.
  • Resilient to changes in temperature.
  • Style Plantation Bamboo Floors are abrasion resistant
  • Excellent non-slip properties
  • Style Plantation Bamboo flooring is allergy free
  • Endless design options -Style Plantation offers a wide range of natural colours that are consistent through to the core, except in the instances where surface stains are used to achieve the colour.
  • Style Plantation Bamboo Floors have high UV resistance, blocking the sun’s harmful rays and protecting the floor pattern from fading dramatically over time.
  • Easy repairs – damaged bamboo floorboards can be easily replaced without contrasting with the pattern of surrounding boards.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance – since bamboo flooring doesn’t trap dirt, most spills can be cleaned up with a mop or sponge – see Care and Maintenance Guidelines.
  • Very low emissions through waste and pollution; the result is a very environmentally friendly product.
  • Excellent warranty protection – Style Plantation offers a 10 Year Structural Warranty and 5 Year Coating Warranty on all our bamboo floors – see Bamboo Flooring Warranty
  • Finally, the natural beauty and durability of bamboo flooring far surpasses traditional hardwood floors.