horizontal bamboo flooring

Horizontal Bamboo Flooring

Horizontal bamboo flooring is uniquely Bamboo in its appearanceunmatched in its stability and durability given its laminated construction. Each section of Bamboo is selected and then machined to ensure a perfectly constructed board.

The stability of Horizontal bamboo floor boards are greatly enhanced by the opposing direction of the middle layer, commonly known as crossbonding.

Horizontal structure – unmistakably Bamboo, with its unique internodes clearly defined this style of flooring is manufactured with three layers of bamboo laid at right angle for maximum stability.

These boards are available in two distinct colours – Straw (natural) and Caramel (carbonised) as well as three high quality finishes :matt, semi gloss/satin and gloss finish.

As with all the other flooring the boards are pre finished with a commercial grade aluminium oxide final coat for added durability and easy cleaning.

The boards measure 96mm (narrow board) or 152mm wide (wide board), 1850mm long and a full 15mm thick with an slight bevel to clearly define each board.


Horizontal Caramel

Horizontal Straw


DOWNLOAD PDF Conventional Bamboo Specifications