strand woven bamboo flooringStrand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Strand woven bamboo flooring boards are high quality, high density solid bamboo. The finished boards have the look and feel of traditional hardwood floors but made from with a renewable resource i.e. bamboo which is a grass grown plentifully in China.

The strand woven bamboo is the next generation in hard flooring, because of the unique properties of the strand woven bamboo we have given it a deserving name STYLEBOARD™.


Bamboo is harvested at the age of 5 – 7 years from Government controlled forests in China. Not long after cutting it is subject to processing: it is cut roughly to length, outer edge is removed, knots are ground down and it is split by machine.

After insect retardant treatment the strands are air dried. Some are them are carbonised to produce coffee-coloured strands. The strands are coated in low VOC adhesive then are compressed into sheets using high compression pressing machines.

The resulting sheets are dried, precision milled cut into boards, tongue and grooved and coated using high quality TREFFERT coatings.

The uniform compression of the STYLEBOARD™ is part of the special process incorporated by the factory to get a consistent compression.


The STYLEBOARD™ bamboo boards are very hard and durable. In independently conducted tests the natural colour rated as 14.3kN on the Janka test and the coffee colour rated 15.3kN. These ratings compare very favourably with Jarrah for example at 8.6kN and the normal laminated bamboo flooring at 6.9kN to 8.5kN

The STYLEBOARD™is nearly twice as hard as Jarrah and at 14mm is thicker with no sanding so you get a lot more for your dollar with STYLEBOARD™.

We offer the world a renewable resource product that has the look and feel of a hard wood conventional floor BUT with the renewable resource theme AND one of the hardest timber flooring products in the world.

Treffert Coatings:

STYLEBOARD™ bamboo floor boards and accessories are finished with a new and improved coating system from a German based manufacturer called TREFFERT

Due to both durability and instant stacking, acrylated UV-curable coatings are most suitable for the industrial application on wooden flooring panels, including bamboo.

They provide for optimum surface protection at minimum cost.

Acrylated UV factory finished flooring panels have vastly augmented wood flooring markets worldwide due to their superior finishing quality as well as ease of installation and maintenance.

New Coating Benefits

  • High yield 10 – 11m panel production per kg of TREFFERT coating.
  • Durable : Compliant with EN 685 stress classes for residential flooring 21 23 with respect to EN 438-2.11, 2.14 and 2.15.
  • Repairable: Use 140 grain paper to sand-off topcoat. Re-coat using TREFFERT H2O-PU renovation coat.
  • Ecological: All waterborne or acrylic UV-curable coatings with a VOC of < 50 g/kg.
  • Easy to handle: Non-hazardous and non-flammable material.



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