Vertical bamboo flooring

Vertical Bamboo Flooring

Thanks to the lateral strips of bamboo that are milled and pressed in a manner that produces outstanding high quality boards, the Vertical bamboo floor will satisfy the desire of the most discerning customer.

Vertical Bamboo Flooring Structure Рa very fine grained look. Manufactured from 15mm thick sections more of bamboo cut into the walls of the poles. The look provided from these boards is a very fine linear look as each section of bamboo is just 5mm thick. These 5mm sections are bonded into boards measuring 96mm or 152mm wide to give you a beautiful fine grained look to the floor.

The vertical bamboo boards are available in two distinct colours Straw (natural) and Caramel (carbonised) as well as three high quality finishes :matte, semi gloss/satin and gloss finish.

The boards measure 96mm (narrow board) or 152mm wide (wide board), 1850mm long and a full 15mm thick with an slight bevel to clearly define each board.

Vertical Caramel



DOWNLOAD PDF Conventional Bamboo Specifications