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Bamboo flooring prices vary. There are many factors to consider in coming up with how bamboo floor is costed.

Bamboo is a sustainable material that lends itself useful to a myriad of residential and commercial applications and one of these is as a flooring product.

This grass, yes bamboo is a considered a grass, is a viable alternative to many traditional hardwood flooring.

Bamboo is quick and easy to install saving you time. These reasons gave rise to the popularity of bamboo flooring as a favoured flooring product.

So how do we cost a typical bamboo flooring product?

There are three main areas of consideration

Bamboo Farmer

This is the first area of consideration. Bamboo planters and farmers follow different methodologies and patterns how the bamboo plant is grown and harvested. Along the way, they incur expenses associated with the process of planting, caring, harvesting and transporting the raw materials to the block manufactures – the next tier.

Block Manufacturers

take the raw bamboo material into their factory for processing. They split the bamboo poles and then placed into processing blocks where the raw material is processed. Cost is incurred into the whole process of producing the bamboo blocks. Block manufacturers have their own system on how to produce these blocks.

Factory / Finishing Plant

 The final tier into the whole bamboo floor production process. Finishing plants add the final stage into the production system. This is where blocks are sliced into boards, coated and cured to be hardened.

Finishing plants have their own system on how to come up with final bamboo floor product.A lot of inconsistencies can arise with this procedure as block manufacturers buy from different bamboo farmers. One of these inconsistencies is how the bamboo blocks differ depending on the farm where they are harvested and the process that was put into producing these blocks.

When finishing factories buy from different block manufacturers, another inconsistency arises. The final cost is determined depending on these different factors.

So no wonder some bamboo floors are priced higher than others.

But do we ensure that these inconsistencies are prevented anyway?

At Style Plantation, we only buy our products from factories which have the whole production system under one roof. In this way, quality control is observed from start to finish. From the farmer to the finishing plant.

Our bamboo flooring prices starts at a very affordable $59/square metre.

Our product undergoes an 8 stage process to produce a product that is environmentally-sound, easy to install, easy to maintain and comes with many variation in styles.

At Style Plantation we have a huge selection of superbly crafted bamboo flooring products for you to choose from.

We have a staff of highly skilled and professional installers that can get the work done for you properly


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